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Thirteen days of Something Scary, part deux, the grim side taking over. Day two is one of the greatest zombies/creature designs in horror history Tar Man. Tar Man is from the 1985 movie ‘Return of the Living Dead’ and created by Dan O’Bannon and William Stout. I saw this in high school because of a buddies insistence and its been a long time favorite ever since. Its got a great soundtrack, follows all of the best 80’s tropes, and is entirely tongue in cheek, so if you like movies like Cabin in the Woods, Shaun of the Dead, or Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn, you should really check this one out. - Grim 

I’m scured. But at the same time, this zombie looks tasty, like he is made of melted Gushers…

"Minnie The Moocher" (1932) - Max Fleischer

This is the start of our first project which we have dubbed “13 Days of Something Scary”. We LOVE the spooky, the scary, and the guts that our favorite holiday brings every year. We thought this would be a great first project for the blog, 13 illustrated scary badges. SO the Cute side is kicking it off with the classic jack-o’-lantern. One of my favorite ways to celebrate Halloween is carving pumpkins. The smell, the mess, the pumpkin guts. ALL GOOD. 
A jack-o’-lantern is a symbol of Halloween representing the souls of the dead and used as a way of protecting your home against the Undead. Super cool! We would love to hear about your favorite pumpkin stories or pictures of past carvings! I will be carving my own very soon, but for now a picture of the one I did last year (also with Knives our cat).

Stay tuned for the next twelve days of something scary and see the grim side tomorrow. DON’T MISS IT!

If you like Halloween, which you should, then be sure to follow Nick and Robin’s super rad and spooky blog!




cigarette love story (via photojennic)

Dan Badea

Because clownshoe. 

"Fly Through Europe."
Imperial Airways.  Stanley Herbert, artist.  1935.Source

George Krause, Breughel, Philadelphia, 1961

Japanese Exhibition Poster: Blue and White Ceramics. Nomura Design Factory. 2010
Super rad.

cherries from my garden by Cintamani, on Flickr.@kendrasmiles4u

xu beihong / 徐悲鴻 (1895-1953)galloping horse / 奔马图ink and wash painting / 水墨画