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max told me that i am a little flower today

minimal selfie for character class

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Happy St. Patricks Day y’all


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wichita Wings mock up
Mock-up packaging for Oklahoma red dirt pilsner
Last one in the line up for now. Now onto packaging.

*~*~*~*wow*~*~*~* cool commissions
i need money for cosplay stuffplease be an enabler to my expensive hobbies-email me commission info/refs/etc at, with ”COMMISSION” in the subject line, please.
-payments are sent to my paypal via email, also
-bunny cheebs and flat coloured busts can have transparent backgrounds if you’d like, just let me know!okay i think that’s it… 


here we are

Me and Linda. she is a sweet potato. I am a beet.

Géza már megint részegen jött haza.
The Swinging Arabia



These drawings by Kathe Tanous appeared in the Aramco World magazine in May-June, 1963. They depict the kind of 1960’s Beirut international luxury lifestyle that people like Tyler Brûlé or Tom Ford would most likely be totally nostalgic about. But really, the same kind of images could be drawn today in many cities, even here in Hong Kong. You have the high-end ex-pat hangouts, the touristic version of the local souk, the newly-finished middle-class apartment buildings and the few remaining “original” buildings creating authenticity and the sometimes humorous but irreversible change of traditional lifestyles, and paradoxical mixtures of people sharing the same city and streets, with totally different lives.


These are super rad.